John the Valiant Visitor Centre opens in Kiskőrös

Our Visitor Centre is a unique place in Hungary, which based on the idea to picture the great hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi’s most famous work: John the Valiant. It is an essential in the education of Hungarian literature and folklore, so the centre can help the 5-6th grade students in their studies and also can be a tourism attraction. Besides Kiskőrös is an authentic place which also connects to the poet, as his birthplace.
Using the modern technology - innovative theatrical tools, a guided tour with a tablet – the curriculum is enjoyable for everybody.
Visitors can complete different tasks, tests, so they will be active participators of the exhibitions and they learn Petőfi’s work while they are having fun. We put the exhibition into a labyrinth, and the routes are the symbols of John the Valiant’s adventure. We give a tablet to the visitors in the lobby, where they can create their own hero, and they become to his assistants.
During the adventure, participants will visit the rogue toft, join to the hussar army, save the French princess, defeat the king of the giants, witches and in the end they finally arrive to Fairyland.
The exhibition with its modern technology offers good time for kids and adults as well. We also offer funny, entertaining education on the second floor, where kids can learn more about John the Valiant. We have memory games, 3D puzzle, board games to teach the kids in an enjoyable way.
The John the Valiant Visitor Centre perfectly fits into Kiskőrös, its Petőfi cult and the other places like Petőfi Memorial House and Museum and the Slovakian folk house.
We hope to see you soon.


Education place


The visitor centre’s education games are great to deepen the knowledge of work. They enhance the kid’s logic and memory. The games made of wood, so the natural world appears next to the digital one. Visitors can play with each of them separately, and we can hold contests to groups before or after they enter the labyrinth.
Preview of our games: 3D puzzle, decrypting ciphers, board games, memory games, sprung labyrinth games and other games outside on the wall of the visitor centre.


The short story of the visitor centre


The building of John the Valiant Visitor Centre had a difficult way in the story of Kiskőrös. It was built in 1845, and it has columned porch which was fashionable in the Hungarian Great Plain that time. The classicist building was built to the lutheran pastors. During the World War II people used its cellar as a communal shelter. In the decades after the war the mansion started to decay.
During the 90’s era after the change of the regime its restoration was not successful. Finally, in 2016 the building got renewed. Thanks to European Union assistance, we opened John the Valiant Visitor Centre. This interactive facility is a new attraction in Kiskőrös, and the Petőfi cult became richer with this unique tourism place.
The visitor centre’s additional services
Educational place, touristic information point, coffee and pastry shop, gift shop.

Opening hours


We are open every day except Monday, from 09.00-17.00.
Groups welcome by appointment from Tuesday to Saturday.


Contact us


Martini str. 6, Kiskőrös



Tel: +3678/415-995



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